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ASWTE is the member organisation for Steiner Waldorf Teacher Education Courses in the U.K.

ASWTE works together with the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (SWSF) to co-ordinate a national strategy for teacher education in the UK and Ireland. Our members work with agreed benchmarks and quality assurance procedures to ensure a high standard of provision to trainee teachers.

As we develop this new page we will give a short description of ASWTE’s history. Most importantly you will find information about all the affiliated courses, and details on how to apply to become a student.

You will find more information on Steiner Waldorf Education in Britain, Ireland and internationally, on these pages:




All ASWTE professionals are actively engaged in research and development of Steiner Education. In 2020 there will for the first time be a nationally co-ordinated course for enquirers. Please see the page “PRELUDE -the Foundation Course” for more information.