Foundation Course Tutors

Alan Swindell

Alan was a class teacher at the South Devon Steiner school for eighteen years. He also taught in Dutch Steiner schools for five years as a teacher of English. He has worked for the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship and, in recent years, was the first principal of the Steiner Academy Exeter and a Core Tutor on the West of England Steiner Teacher Traing Course. Alan continues to teach and advise.

Sven Saar

Having been a class teacher for many years, Sven is an active teacher educator, mentor and advisor.  He has a special interest in professional development and founded the advisory service “swipp” as well as the communications platform “The Chalice”.

Kevin Campbell-Davidson

Kevin worked as a Games and Bothmer Movement teacher in Waldorf schools for ten years including Greenwich and St Paul’s Steiner schools. He has been teaching Bothmer internationally since 2018 and also lectures in creative learning at Goldsmiths College, London. Kevin is also a choir leader and folk dance caller and enjoys weaving these practices together with games and movement. 

Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell has been a Waldorf teacher for 25 years. She was a Class teacher for 16 years before moving into the Upper School to teach History, Art and Philosophy. She and two colleagues founded The St Michael Steiner School in West London, where she still works, in 2001, and became co-director of the London Waldorf Seminar in 2010. 

Martin Hardiman

For nearly 20 years, Martin was a class teacher at Wynstones Rudolf Steiner School, during which time he also trained in teaching pupils with specific learning difficulties, gaining the RSA Dip Spld with distinction in 1989. He then combined class teaching with the role of Senco.In 1999, he was appointed Director of Steiner Waldorf Teacher Education at Emerson College, an international adult education centre in Forest Row, East Sussex. He co-founded West of England Steiner Teacher Training in 2008. Now mostly retired, he continues to contribute to teacher education in England and South Korea.

Jill Tina Taplin

Jill was born and brought up in the UK, graduated from university with a degree in philosophy and was busy until her early 30s as a gardener, house builder and mother.  Then she joined a group of parents founding a Steiner Waldorf school in the north east of Scotland, near a spiritual community.  Soon she found herself working in the kindergarten and discovered that was where she really wanted to be.  She worked as a kindergarten teacher in Scotland and Devon until 2008 when family reasons brought her to a new part of the UK with no Waldorf school nearby.  Since then she has expanded her interest in working with adults – students, teachers and parents – through working as a kindergarten mentor, workshop leader, adult education tutor and writer. She has completed an MA in Education (Steiner Philosophy) and now has commitments to support Steiner Waldorf early childhood training mainly in several countries around the world.  In addition to magazine and newsletter articles, she is co-author of Understanding the Steiner Waldorf Approach, published by David Fulton.

Dr. Martyn Rawson

Dr. Martyn Rawson, co-founder York Steiner School in 1979 with Michael and Joan Rose. Martyn has taught in Stuttgart, at Botton Village School and Michael Hall, and now teaches in Hamburg. Works on the Master Programme of the Freie Hochschule Stuttgart  and is visiting Professor at the National Tsing Hua University Taiwan. Has published widely on Waldorf education. 

Trevor Mepham

Trevor has worked in Waldorf education for the last 35 years. Having dabbled in class teaching, teacher education and school leadership & management, he has also served time with the national schools’ movement – SWSF – and as a member of the European Council for Steiner Waldorf Education (ECSWE). Currently, Trevor is coordinator of the International Forum for Steiner Waldorf Education and works to help schools and training courses in different parts of the world, including Europe, South Africa and China.

Jenny Wragg

Jenny has worked for many years as a class teacher in both mainstream and Steiner-Waldorf education. She has led teacher education programmes in schools and has lectured on the WESTT course, of which she is also a graduate. Jenny has a Masters diploma in Steiner Waldorf Education.

Ann Swain

Ann attended a Steiner school in New York before bringing music therapy to children and adolescents in psychiatric care. She has worked as a Class Teacher, Learning Support Teacher and SENDCo in the UK. She is currently the SENDCo at the Norwich Steiner School and director of SWASEND (Steiner Waldorf Association for SEN+D). She runs the Align for Learning SEND training seminar and advises UK schools. She is a licentiate of the Institute for Neuro Physiological Psychology and has a private practice working with children and adolescents with neuro-motor difficulties and/or auditory processing weakness. 

Simon Gillman

After working extensively in the conservation movement, with spells in Snowdonia, and the Peak District, Simon spent three years as the forester in Botton Village, where he encountered the Steiner movement for the first time. He later joined Michael Hall School, where he taught gardening, forestry and green wood work to 8-16 year olds for over 20 years. He also co-taught and supported class teachers who wanted to integrate an outdoor or practical aspect into their main lessons. Simon held several leadership roles in the school and was a member of The Heart of Teaching training in Forest Row. He has contributed to the London Steiner Waldorf Teacher Training over a number of years, having developed original land based curricula and led workshops in Germany, China, France and Spain as well as in the UK. He currently lives and works on the west coast of Brittany.

John Burnett

John took two classes through Wynstones School, working in the Upper School before taking on the role of Programme Director of Plymouth University’s BA programme in Steiner Waldorf education. He did this for nearly 20 years. He then worked as a teacher educator/advisor in New Zealand and Australia. Now retired, he continues to contribute to teacher education in China, providing occasional main-lessons and mentoring support for UK and Chinese Steiner schools.

Dr. Tom Smith

Dr. Tom started his teaching journey bringing fun science lessons to schools in the Greater Manchester area while working on a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Manchester. With a sense that ‘Main Stream education’ was not really serving young people he looked into ‘Alternative Education’ and discovered the Waldorf-Steiner education movement.

Dr. Tom joined the WESTT course to gain a deeper knowledge of the ideas and pedagogy of Waldorf Education and gained teaching practice from Steiner Academy Frome, Rudolf Steiner School Kings Langley and Norwich Steiner Schools.

Due to a series of life changes, Dr. Tom settled in Brighton where he completed an RSC sponsored PGCE in secondary science education, where he further developed his teaching practice and completed a research project asking the question ‘how does modern technology support education in the Internet age?’.

In 2019 Dr. Tom joined the Brighton Waldorf School in a bid to bring GCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology to the students, where he developed a Main Lesson series on the topic of ‘The Internet and Related Technologies’.

Dr. Tom has an interest in music, origami and beekeeping, and feels that it is more important than ever that young people are allowed a choice in how they are taught, for the improvement of humanity and the future of the planet.