PRELUDE: an introductory online course to explore the foundations of Steiner Waldorf Education.

This course has taught me so much about the foundations, content and modern application of the SW curriculum that I feel 100% sure it is the system that I want my children raised in. The influence has been so profound that I am now taking up the teacher training course for myself and my children. (N.T. Home Schooler)

Prelude is a fascinating and well-rounded exploration of how Waldorf education works, both philosophically and practically. The presenters are warm-hearted and intelligent, the information well-organised and easy to follow, yet deep. I would highly recommend this course, which has greatly broadened my understanding of Waldorf education. Thanks for a great experience! (S.S. Parent).   

Thank you for a great school year full of wisdom. Truly appreciated by many. You have masterfully managed to deliver many significant talks in a very community- like environment, which is very refreshing. (L.B. Parent)

A veritable smorgasbord of presentations by passionate professionals. An inspiring affirmation of the depth and the breadth of Steiner education.“(E.W. Steiner-Waldorf Teacher)

As a Steiner school alumnus, I found that the course articulated the experiences that live in my feeling world, beautifully into words. (Y.E Subject Teacher)

“I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Waldorf education. I am already looking forward to the next one!” (S.P. Parent)

“Prelude has complemented, broadened and deepened my understanding and appreciation of Steiner Waldorf education. I have gained a stronger insight into its underlying principles, philosophy and history, and a more rounded view of its founder, Rudolf Steiner. “ (J.P. Trainee Teacher)

A future in Steiner-Waldorf Education?

Trustee, parent, former student, home-schooler, aspiring teacher, support staff? 

Ready for an over-view of theory and practice and to engage with the education`s roots and future direction?

Or just curious?

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Weekly evening sessions with inspirational tutors and speakers, including:

Sven Saar *** Amanda Bell *** Martyn Rawson *** John Burnett

Jill Tina Taplin *** Martin Hardiman *** Trevor Mepham

The need for a renewal in education has rarely been more keenly felt than it is today. There is growing awareness that modern life is impacting negatively on our children`s mental and physical health, their hopes and aspirations, their self-belief and their sense of purpose. Steiner Waldorf Education aims to equip children and young people with resilience, sensitivity and confidence for meeting the world.

Wherever you are on your `Steiner-Waldorf Journey`, the Prelude course will bring a deeper understanding of what characterises this education, inviting you to assess for yourself what it can contribute to the future for our children.

All thirty seminars and lectures take place on Monday evenings, from September 13th 2021 to June 28th 2022. They begin at 7.30 and last from 60 to 90 minutes. Programme changes are possible and participants will be alerted in advance.

One annual payment of £ 295* gives access to all 30 lectures and seminars, plus recordings and supporting material.

A 25% discount is available for colleagues who are based outside Europe.

Early Bird fee of £250 for those who sign up by September 1st

Single sessions, or “tasters”, can be accessed for £ 20 each.

*Discounts for block bookings by arrangement.

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Programme for TERM 1:
13th September: The Vision (of the Education and this course). Free Taster Session
20th September: A Truly Modern Education
Amanda Bell
27th September: From Birth to 7 Years. The Bridge from Home to School.
Jill Tina Taplin
4th October: The Class as a Social Organism
Sven Saar
11th October: From Story to History
Jenny Wragg
Half Term Break
1st November: The Journey through Movement I
Ann Swain
8th November: From Acorns to Infinity
Jenny Wragg
15th November: The Journey through Movement II
Kevin Campbell
22nd November: Authority! Oh really?
Trevor Mepham
29th November: Form Drawing
Sven Saar
6th December: The Adolescent`s Journey
Sven Saar

13th December The Beginnings of Literacy
Martin Hardiman
Christmas Break
Programme for TERM 2:
10th January: Our Home. Becoming a Global Citizen
Simon Gillman
17th January: A Journey through the Steiner Waldorf Science Curriculum
Graham Kennish
24th January: The Evolution of Consciousness and Child Development
John Burnett
31st January: Science and Phenomenolgy
Dr. Tom Smith
7th February: Art & the Development of the Feeling Life
Martin Hardiman
14th February: Love, Sexuality & Diversity (Valentine`s Day)
Sven Saar
21st February: (half term for some…)
Decolonising the Curriculum
Serene Fong Ho
28nd February: The Life Story of Geometry
Trevor Mepham
7th March: Steiner and Anthroposophy I
John Burnett
14th March: Equality & Diversity
Sven Saar
21st March: Steiner & Anthroposphy II
John Burnett
28th March: The First Teachers` Course
Sven Saar
Easter Break
Programme for Term 3 :
25th April: Perceptions, Challenges and Solutions
Kath Bransby
2nd May: Bank Holiday
9th May: How does Darwinism Impact on Education?
Graham Kennish
16th May: Leadership in Steiner Schools
Trevor Mepham
23rd May: The Journey through Crafts
Martyn Rawson
30th May:
6th June: Crossing the Wobbly Bridge: School Transition
Jill Taplin
13th June:The Outdoor Classroom
Simon Gillman

The programme is supported by a dedicated Padlet Page which gives access to recordings, slide shows and a range of additional resources.